Welcome to ABC roofing and waterproofing contractors, For over 20 years, we’ve been serving all of New York City with exceptional Roofing, waterproofing, Brick pointing, tuckpointing, DOT Violation removal, concrete work, sidewalk repair, brick re-pointing, flat roofing, brick cleaning & washing, parapet wall work, and more. Our company is fully licensed and insured for all of the work we do and strives to provide the greatest peace of mind to all of our customers.


We specialize in both residential and commercial services to meet the needs of all of our customers. Each job incorporates the finest quality materials and resources available in the industry. When you work with us, you’ll discover for yourself why we stand out as one of the finest contractors in the local area. In addition, we always consider the comfort of our clients, as well as the worth of their homes and possessions. Our work is carefully accomplished with the utmost respect for their properties. No longer will you have to worry about hiring multiple contractors for all of the work you need to have done in your home or business. Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors has a full list of services available to meet the needs of all of our residential and commercial clients. Many customers who initially choose us for brick pointing, our most coveted service, eventually go on to call us for services such as power washing and window sill replacement too.


All of our projects are carried out with some of the greatest expertise that you can find locally. We’re here to restore your home’s condition by enhancing its appearance and blocking out leaks. Furthermore, our company stands by reliable, honest transactions every time. We go through the entire process with every single client before we begin the job, ensuring that there won’t be a single surprise at any point during the project. This attitude has enabled our customers to trust us again and again for all of the services they need to have done. To receive a free estimate for any of our services, please get in touch with us today. We always provide our clients with thorough work that never misses a single detail. That’s how we’ve become known for delivering quality labor any time we perform one of our services.

Brick Grinding and Pointing

  Brick Pointing Contractors in New York City

Brickwork is always a stunning aspect of any building’s exterior. However, as it experiences wear and tears over time, it may need to be restored by a professional. That’s where Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors comes in with our brick pointing in New York services. Our craftsmen will beautifully enhance the look of your bricks to impress your customers and visitors once more, without the need of replacing them with entirely new ones. This process also protects your building from unwanted leaks and other environmental factors.

      Flat Roof Contractor of NY

    Flat Roof Repair in New York City

Whether you would like a whole new roof or a simple repair completed, Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors is the commercial roofing contractor to depend on. Your business needs a reliable roof all year round. Our professionals will carefully evaluate the state of your current one and give our expert opinion on whether you need a repair or replacement. Because roofs can be crafted with a variety of materials, there isn’t a solution that suits every single one out there. As a result, our experts give each roof our individual attention.

                Brick Cleaning NYC

  Brick cleaning in New York City and Westchester.
A power wash can bring a new, fresh look to your home or business. Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors have the skills to perform this service on a wide range of buildings that have all different exterior materials. Just a few common ones we work on include bricks, siding, and concrete. All of these can build up dirt over time, and it may be difficult to tell just how unclean they are unless you physically put your hand to them. Having a power wash done will leave your property looking great and avoid wear and tear from environmental factors in the future.

Leaving power washing or brick cleaning to a professional, such as Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors, will give you better peace of mind that if you did it yourself. It’s a process that requires honed skills to avoid causing any irreversible damage. Plus, having an expert do the job for you will give you peace of mind and the results that you’re looking for. Your home or business’s exterior will be entirely free of dirt and grime, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who happens to look at your property.

       Stucco Repair

Stucco Contractor in New York.
If your stucco has become affected by cracks or other imperfections, Abc roofing and waterproofing contractors will be able to remedy it for you. Our company is confident we can recreate any type of texture for a flawless appearance. A number of factors go into the methods we use, such as the size of the cracks, design of the stucco, techniques used when it was first installed, and more. Your repair will accurately match your existing work, making it impossible to tell that any cracks had even occurred in the first place.