Sidewalk repairs and DOT violation removal services

We provide complete sidewalk repair services for residential and commercial clients. When it comes to DOT violation Removal services we are the experts in getting the job done fast and removing that DOT violation from your record within days. ABC Roofing and waterproofing contractors take care of the entire process from applying for the permit to requesting the DOT for Re-Inspection, We always Guarantee DOT Violation Removal.


Sidewalks & Stone Pathways

There is nothing better than created by nature Stone sandstone Paths from rock stone layers are never the same, they are always unique and create a unique design for your site. The sandstone, in question, has a number of advantages. The main advantages are unobtrusive beauty, natural color; a structure that does not absorb water; Some roughness, not allowing to slide when walking on it, even after the rain. If you take into account only these indicators, it competes with any artificially created finishing materials. Fundamentally choosing sandstone as a laying stone of natural origin for paving your paths, it remains only to specify your right choice in accordance with your taste and preferences: by color, size, texture, and degree of stone processing, numerous offers of firms dealing with stone.

Concrete Driveways, Steps, Walkways, and Patios

Regardless of the size of your possessions, which we will call the “garden”, regardless of your lifestyle and any high styles reflected in the design of your house and garden facilities, there are things that will always be “mundane” for you and, moreover, you will use them every day. These are paths, various stairs, and steps, as well as a paved surface of the patio. For all the aesthetic importance of this topic, the main issues will still be issues that are not abstract, but highly functional, where it is not so important why you go to the gazebo, the pool, the summer kitchen, and specifically “why” you go there. It is known that the so-called “hard landscape” materials, such as clay bricks, concrete or paving slabs, ceramic tiles, wood, and stone, are most often used for patio yards, stairs, garden paths. However, if you allow the grass to grow between stone slabs, and even plant it specially, then the grass will also become a landscape material